The Multi-License Firearm Course (BEST)--39 State Carry License----MA,RI.FL,ME,NH,CT


This course includes the MA basic safety course

Anyone can do this course no matter what state you live in,
US Citizens/Permanent Resident Green Card can apply

1 Course...6 Licenses...39 States!  $300.00 
( you do not have to apply to all states)

 Save over a 100.00 with this course.    A Boston firearms exclusive course.   LIVE FIRE IS REQUIRED IN CT,FL, AND RI requires a qualification test. IT ALSO HELPS WITH UNRESTRICTED LICENSE. police chiefs prefer live fire courses.
This course includes the MA basic safety curse

No MA Lic needed to take this course.   

This course satisfies the Massachusetts training requirement to apply for your License To Carry or Firearm Identification Card - completed in one day

The Multi-License Firearm Course This course qualifies you to apply for several licenses including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Arizona, Rhode Island; Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, etc. You do not need to get them all, but you can if it suits your travel requirements. This course is perfect for business travelers, big game hunters, firearm competitors, vacationers, bikers, etc.
 The course is based on our proprietary MA Pistol License course (LTC-020).  If 
you apply for all six licenses/permits, you can legally carry in 39 states!  $300.00  can't beat that price. if you have an MA LTC you can still take this course


State Requirements -  We also wrote a Connecticut course supplement, that when added to the Massachusetts Pistol License Course, has been officially approved by the Connecticut DESPP Special Licensing and Firearms Unit.

Live Fire Training - Both Connecticut (see Live Fire Required) and Florida (see paragraph following 790.06 2-h-7) currently require live fire to be included, so we add that segment last. We use real guns and real ammunition on an actual indoor firing range. Note that computer-generated programs, dry fire, other simulated shooting tools, plastic bullets, air guns or any other alternatives are not acceptable to either Connecticut or Florida. We are aware that some competitive courses, especially those that supposedly qualify you to apply for Florida, do not include the live discharge of a handgun as noted above.

Student Materials - Students will receive an email after class which contains the current curriculum, Massachusetts FAQ's, Connecticut FAQ's, application forms, interstate travel FAQ's, etc. Firearms, ammunition, eye protection, and hearing protection are supplied by the Instructor. 

Curriculum - The Multi-License Firearm Course is a carefully structured, fully compliant and approved  course. The process of writing and receiving approval for the Massachusetts Pistol License Course to comply , plus writing and receiving approval for the Connecticut supplement, has taken over two years. We know of no other course that legitimately satisfies the same requirements.

Must not be restricted(felonies) in taking part in Firearm course. If you are on probation or have any restrictions that prevent you from using firearms, You may not attend.

21 years of age for handgun 

Pre-registration is required. See the Schedule page for current course dates, then go to the Register page. 
We help you with the application process

Green = licenses issued     Blue = licenses honored      Red = licenses not honored


Why should you attend the Multi-License Firearm Course?  One course qualifies you to apply for 6+ firearm licenses, making you legal in up to 39 states. This is a comprehensive course and includes legal requirements, safe gun handling procedures, firearm familiarization, maintenance, concealed carry methods, hands-on live fire, etc. 

Why take a different course to get your Massachusetts license if it does not include live fire, and does not qualify you for licenses from Connecticut, Florida or other states in the future? Why not just take one course, pay one reasonable fee, and then choose from several licenses/permits that this one course qualifies you to apply for?

The Multi-License Firearm Course will save you both time and money. It's perfect for RV'ers, truckers, business travelers, vacationers, second-home owners, big game hunters, handgun enthusiasts, competitors. etc. Join the thousands of others who have already taken this unique course - sign up today.

US Citizen or Permanent Resident Alien Can apply only.

Copyright Notice: This course was developed by Robert J. McDermott. All applicable content including course title is registered with the United States Copyright Office, and use of this course title or curriculum without the express written permission of the owner is prohibited.

Note you must apply to the  5 states listed for each license

No Refunds on deposit or paid in full for any reason, If you cancel your class without 5 days notice  we will charge your card the full price. if you cancel before the 5 days you will lose deposit, and may reschedule. if you cancel or do not show for your class you are responsible for the full payment. if you need to reschedule your class after the the 5 days you will get a 50% discount on next class. Any charge backs or other credit card issues, you will be charged the full price.if you cancel your class then dispute with credit card companies. we will charge you the full amount twice.