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How To Legally Carry in Massachusetts for self defense.

As a responsible person, you “hope for the best and prepare for the worst” every day of your life. We all do. We spend money on health insurance, hoping we’ll only use it for routine checkups rather than for emergencies. We also hold life insurance policies, car insurance, homeowners insurance, and more. We don’t purchase these policies because we want to, but because we are responsible and we know that it would be foolish not to prepare.

Gun owners don’t purchase guns simply because “we want to,” but because we are intelligent enough to be prepared for anything life may bring us.

Complete our State Police Certified, Basic Firearm Safety Course [$199]

Before you apply for your Massachusetts firearms license, you’ll need to take a course in firearms safety. You will be required to submit a certificate of your completed course along with your application for a license.

Why is this training important? Besides the fact that it’s a requirement for obtaining your firearms license, a good firearms safety course will give you necessary instruction regarding the responsible use and safety of firearms.

A great course will instruct you about firearms parts, operation, ammunition, storage, cleaning, laws and most importantly, the fundamentals of shooting.

Important Note about Live-Fire Shooting:

Live fire will increase your chances of your town sheriff granting you an unrestricted LTC.

Many towns, such as Sharon, Weymoth, Quincy, Chicopee, Springfield, require live-fire shooting with a real firearm during a basic safety course.

If your town requires live fire your certificate of completion must have a LIVE FIRE stamp from us.

At Boston Firearms we are one of the few schools that has an indoor range for you to practice live fire the same day.

Complete the Massachusetts
Resident LTC/FID Application

Now that you’ve found out all that will be required in the application process, it’s time to start filling out the Massachusetts Resident LTC/FID Application.

If you take our Basic Firearms Safety course we will go over every step of the application process and help you get the highest chance of approval.

Every city is different and has different requirements. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and can help you meet your cities requirements.

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